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Conte Esli #19С-143СПЕ(000) - Lot of 2 pairs Cotton Socks For Boys & Girls

Conte Esli #19С-143СПЕ(000) - Lot of 2 pairs Cotton Socks For Boys & Girls

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Children's cropped socks made from high-quality cotton. For boys and girls.
Детские укороченные носки из высококачественного хлопка. Для мальчиков и девочек.

Cotton 72%, Polyamide 25,5%, Elastane 2,5%

Made in Belarus

The basic size unit for these Conte/Esli socks for children is according to the foot length of the child in centimeters. Sizes and inches added approximately.
Базовый размер этих детских носков Conte/Esli соответствует длине стопы ребенка в сантиметрах. Размеры и дюймы добавлены примерно.
Approximate Size Chart:
EU 12 (cm foot length) 4.8" - US (shoes size) 4/5
EU 14 (cm foot length) 5.5" - US (shoes size) 6/7
EU 16 (cm foot length) 6.3" - US (shoes size) 8/9
EU 18 (cm foot length) 7.1" - US (shoes size) 10/12
EU 20 (cm foot length) 7.9" - US (shoes size) 13/1
EU 22 (cm foot length) 8.7" - US (shoes size) 2/4
EU 24 (cm foot length) 9.5" - US (shoes size) 5/6

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